About “Politics”

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About “Politics” or not…
IMO Politics have reached a point of no return and the changes most of us aspire to will come from individual resolve and strength of vision….
I do believe that artists, creators, makers, educators, researchers, environmentalists, and many others have once more a great responsibility and will speak up, not as leaders but as inspiration and motivators for those who may feel stillness is “safer” than moving forward… All over the world, the sound of change is being heard, it is not a revolution, it is a natural process and I believe it is and will happen… We are all refugees longing for a different global country, and we are all creators with rich inner resources!
As I travel and meet people, this is clear to me and comes from the heart… We are all changing in face of adversity and absurdity, and political nonsense. Hear now how many speak up already!
Today, March 2016, I will compare to March 2020 and March 2025 …So… Let’s see… Much work to be done…

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