Jorge Luis Borges
“El arte debe ser como ese espejo que nos revela nuestra propria cara”

Ben Okri (Writer)
”There ought to be great cries in the land, great anger. But there is a strange silence. Why? Because we are all implicated! We have drifted to this dark unacceptable place together. We took the success of our economy as proof of the rightness of its underlying philosophy. We are now at a crossroad. Our future depends not on whether we get through this, but on how deeply and truthfully we examine its causes…
One of our much neglected qualities is our creative ability to reshape the world. Our planet is under threat. We need a new one-planet thinking…
We can enter a new future only by reconnecting what is best in us, and adapting to our times. Education ought to be more global: we need to restore the pre-eminence of character over show, and wisdom over cleverness…
All great cultures renew themselves by accepting the challenges of their times…”
The Times: October 30, 2008

Satish Kumar Editor-in-Chief of RESURGENCE

“Not only are we ignorant of the dire impact of human activity on planet Earth, but we have been brainwashed into believing that converting natural wealth into financial wealth, and natural products into industrial products represents progress, development, economy and civilisation. No wonder we have forgotten the first principle, which tells us to do no harm to other people or the planet, and no wonder we have lost the wisdom of living in harmony with natural systems.”

Keith Farnish – author of: Time’s up
“We can look at the results of the experiment called civilisation and feel helpless, or we can look at what we have in ourselves, and what remains undamaged on the Earth, and think, “we can do better”.
“Economic growth as a necessity is the biggest lie that humanity has ever been sold; yet we are lapping it up because the lie is repeated day after day by every information source we are unfortunate enough to be subjected to.”
“What makes us angry is when the things we value are threatened. This is human nature: it is survival, and without this response we are little more than machines.”
Anger is good

Marc Yeats Composer and Painter
“There are two main areas that interest me in Buddhism – impermanence, and the influence of the ego on creative actions. Impermanence deals with the ever-changing nature of all things; the action of the ego deals with the exercise of control and manipulation of matter and events. I feel that these two aspects of philosophy offer new creative opportunities and disciplines that would greatly develop my work. It is not my intention to write religious music or create icons in visual art, nor do I wish to make superficial observations of Buddhism as a religion. Instead, I wish to research how the notions of impermanence and lessening egoic action can enrich my own creative language and development, in a very personal way.”

Antony Gormley – The guardian 13 02 2010
“There is a strong connection between the urge for survival and the art of a people and a time. We have a task in hand. Culture in the developed western world has always positioned itself in distinction to nature: now we have to discover our nature within nature.”
“But it is also my responsibility to make sure that I can deal with my own impacts, including the carbon footprint of the studio and all its activities. I have had the carbon footprint of the studio assessed and minimised my flights; the studio is insulated, and we will install solar panels on the roof (it is wide and relatively flat). We must recycle more of our materials and investigate the viability of a wind turbine. I must also decide whether carbon offsetting is a conscience salver or a real benefit.
Having done all of this, my greatest responsibility is to make work in the most direct way that I can, and interpret this time and place in a way that makes people more aware of themselves and it.”

Keith Farnish

“Waking After The Fall

The deepest red,
Crosshatched with sleep;
The drowse like a heavy quilt.
A warm pulse and a twitch,
Then a hand
Upon my arm.

The merest glint:
Stars and stripes of light;
Empires of memory lie undisturbed.
What was there then?
Though now
We have this.

A stealthy shift;
Patting feet on clay,
Carefree with youth, not careworn.
Take me forward,
Not back,
Not ever”