Antara Project 2014/15/16… and phase 3

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come close to the conclusion that the gift of imagination has meant more to me than any talent for absorbing absolute knowledge…”
Albert Einstein
Antara’s philosophy:

The Antara Project focuses on the idea that the energy given to us by combining Creativity/Communication/Imagination and Education produces a powerful tool for change in this world that is on the brink of some extraordinary new concepts of reality and consciousness which will open a new phase for human development and a changing Society all together when our deep understanding of and our connection with our Natural world will become indispensable.
It is the challenge of today to be open to new ideas which scientists already research all around the world.
There was a time when our planet was thought as flat…it was not.
What else do we believe and may be are getting wrong?
Let’s be challenged, let’s be curious, let’s go forward…

Overview: 3 Premises:
1- Communication leads to action
It involves Education as to empower not paralyse.
To empower we need to focus on the inner strength and sense of self worth of young people…this is why we speak of creativity as a tool for change.
2-Why Creativity? Because the use of Creativity enhances self esteem, leads to strength, courage, and the ability to focus and decide or judge for yourself.
All creativity is based on being sensitive to how you feel and how you perceive the world around you…
This is what artists, creators, innovators and makers are able to express more than others…
3-Reaching a global community: We all have a role to play, creativity doesn’t discriminate and should empower all to make choices for a better future.
This is where we need to take into consideration inequality as a whole and also digital inequality…

Methodology applied: 3 Approaches
1- Encourage and support via a Community
individuals and groups to speak up at each opportunity (for silence is not an option)
2- To stand up and act officially in order to achieve maximum impact on leadership to encourage action, change and a sense of responsibility for the present and the Future.
3- To educate and enable young people not to just manage our legacy, but to make the choices relevant to their own perspective of life style in such ethical way that it includes what we know now as a new “happiness factor”…

[ What Antara stands for is a different vision of how the individual’s perception of himself can Shape a more harmonious world out side…it speaks about empowering through communication ]

Antara Project: 3 Phases
1- Consolidation of a concept and creation of a community (2010/11/12/13…) which expresses it self in the production and release of the eclectic compilation of various artists : Breaking Through Jan. 2013

2- Organising a Festival to promote and expose the Project and its aims to a wider audience
June 2013 in London at The Lumen in Bloomsbury.

The Project is now travelling abroad: More details on “What’s on” page
Belgium/France/United Kingdom/United States/Finland/Denmark/Sweden/Canada/South America…
-to extend its outreach and impact…
-to gather data by visiting (Schools/Universities/ and organisations working in the field of education/Environment) and to attend various relevant conferences collecting information from Students/Educators/Researchers in communication/Historians and Archivists/Writers and Thinkers.
-to talk about and illustrate the relationship between creativity (as in music for instance but not exclusively) communication and Nature…How forms of natural communication and expressions can come together and create a deep sense of Harmony across species and in a very innovative way, enabling a better understanding of our place in the world and a natural reconnection with Nature. (This will be illustrated by my talk and performance in Helsinki this June and is why I am incorporating my project “In nomine Cetus” into the Antara Project…Ambient Music meets Cetacean communication and vibration)
…NEXT 2015/16/17….
How do we introduce the concept defined by the project to create a global format of education?
Setting up a working committee of specialists to create a template/proposal for a revised education Manifesto + consultation at decision making levels…
Lobbying official governing bodies in the UK and in France, consolidating the links with national and international organisations such as the EU and UNESCO.