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Antara Project is happy to collaborate with original soundscapes to this interesting project…

Under the Arctic

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PHASE 2: Antara Festival London 8 June 2013 1pm to 9pm
The Lumen URC

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PHASE 1: The release of Breaking Through Antara compilation of various artists on 13 March 2013


Available at Blackwell’s Music Oxford
53 Broad Street,
OX1 3BQ.

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Resurgence Readers London and Antara Project
3 of August 2012 6pm to 9pm
London Westminster
On raising awareness and motivating young people
in taking action regarding climate change and their future
Contact for more details

Antara Project

Phase 2

23rd March 2012


London Westminster

Lancaster Gate tube, Bayswater, Queensway, Paddington

(contact form for more info)


Annemarie Borg

Creativity in the 21st century

Profile of the project:

“One of our much neglected qualities is our creative ability to reshape the world. Our planet is under threat. We need a new one-planet thinking…

We can enter a new future only by reconnecting what is best in us, and adapting to our times.”

Ben Okri

1- Introduction of phase 2 and today’s Agenda.

2- Presentation of tonight’s contributions

3- Odyssey 2050 Bruce Callow

Trailer of the movie

Launch of Comic Strip

4- APE …questions to Lorna Howarth

5- Resurgence Magazine

6- Tim Goodacre on Political Economy

(A critique of neoliberal ideology)

7- Martin Powell poet

8- Delegation of various areas of the project: planning

Music (3)-Art (3)-Poetry and Writing-Media-Philosophy and Ethics

9-Open discussion about funding: Suggestions

10- Project events for 2012/2013

Conference and show

Compilation and art work


Antonio Test and Annemarie Borg 11February 2012  What's on 11 feb A and AM

Resurgence Summer Camp

28th to 31st July


Annemarie Borg will be performing throughout the weekend, helping to focus our thoughts and set the tone by creating a space of relaxation and calm. She will also be performing with Martin Powell, connecting poetry to music.






What’s on in London 17 June 2011

Annemarie Borg and Still Motion

Annemarie Borg singer, song writer presents her new live show “Still Motion” “It is in all of us to change…”

Classical meets world music,ambient and electronica on a background of atmospheric soundscapes.

Featuring: Nicolas Meier (guitar) Antonio Testa (Percussion) Clive Pollard (Piano) Nova (DJ) and Annemarie on vocals and compositions.

17th of June at 7.30pm The Methodist Church 19 Thayer st. London W1

Adv: bookings at amb@annemarieborg.com

more information on:

Annemarie Borg-what’s on